How a Leicester Struggle Helped Change Britain

15th June to 26th October, 2019

What would you do if you found out your workmates earned more than you simply because they were white?

Events To Get Involved In

The Strike at Imperial Typewriters offers a number of ways for audiences to explore the exhibition. Our outreach programme has something for everyone and includes a walking tour, community workshops and public talks taking place throughout the summer.

There are no events at the moment, please check back soon!

The Exhibition

Tales of Life on the Factory Floor and a City in Flux

The Strike at Imperial Typewriters Exhibition runs at Leicester's Newark Houses Museum from June to the end of October 2019, marking the 45th anniversary of the strike.


Follow the Journey of The Imperial Typewriter Company Strike

Watch video interviews with those who were associated with the strike. Re-live the struggle of the workers and hear their stories.

Here writers and activists discuss topics ranging from political life in the 1970s to stereotypes of black and Asian workers.