The Exhibition

This exhibition took place from 15th June to 26th October, 2019 at the Newarke Houses Museum & Garden in Leicester.

The project involved a local oral history and storytelling component, the development of an exhibition, and a public program of guided walks, salons, and talks.

The Exhibition and public events alone engaged over 7,000 people and the community history process 40 people.

For press enquiries and to access footage, please contact Marc Boothe:

‘hacked’ typewriter installation

We created a 'Typewriter in Residence' that acted as a creative portal holding oral histories and enable digital interactions from the public, in collaboration with the University of Nottingham's Mixed Reality Labs.

The brief for the 'Typewriter In Residence' was to create an augmented typewriter that would allow exhibition visitors to read transcribed oral histories of the events surrounding the workers strike.

We wanted this to be done in an interactive way that would engage younger visitors who may never have seen or used a typewriter before, to experience the tactility of typing on a mechanical typewriter.

The interactive storytelling 'hacked' typewriter was developed and produced by Mark Selby, programmed by Vinay Tailor. Concept by Divya Ghelani & Mark Boothe